Add a product by going to "Products" in the menu, then click the "+ Add" button.

The application will then ask you some basic questions, to ensure your product can be represented by the application.


Only CE marked products

Your product must be CE marked for us to be able to represent it and the CE mark must be added to the product according to the relevant directives and regulations. 

Only manufacturer, brand owner, or authorised reseller

This means that you're selling the product under your own name, or brand. You can also be a reseller, who isn't putting your own name on the product but you are the one selling it into the EU. If you are a reseller, you must be authorised by the brand owner/manufacturer to sell into the EU.

Product details

  • The product name is the general name of the product, as it would be described in a shop.
  • The model name is what name you market the product as
  • Type/model is the unique identifier for this specific product model
  • GTIN, Global Trade Item Number, is if you have a unique ID registered with the GS1
  • Sold at is where you can enter the stores you're selling your product. It also allows you to enter the product ID for those stores 


We currently don't represent medical device regulation 2017/745, medical device directive 93/42/EEC", in vitro medical device directive 98/79/EC, in vitro medical regulation 2017/746, machinery directive 2006/42/EC, and lifts directive 2014/33/EU.

If your product falls into any of those categories, we cannot be your authorised representative.