After adding a product, the process can shortly be described as:

Upload a Declaration of Conformity ("DoC")

The DoC must be an image or a PDF, in English, and be valid. Valid here meaning that it follows the rules of a properly formed DoC. The system will tell you what is wrong with the DoC, if any, and you can correct it, sign it, and upload it anew.

Our system will automatically extract directives and standards, then ask you to confirm the results. Here, you can remove or add information as needed. In the end, it's up to you to ensure the information is correct.

Review documentation & sign agreement

When you have uploaded the DoC, you will see a list of required documents according the applicable directives. Review the required documents and ensure that you have them available upon request. When requested, you need to present the requested documentation within five working days. 

Enter your compliance contact details for the product and select "Send agreement". An agreement will be sent to your email and you will digitally sign it. After you've signed the agreement, you're represented!

Fulfill your responsibilities

The representation page tells you your responsibilities, in short: make sure product info is always updated, ensure you have the documents required at hand within 5 working days, and that you need to include the contact details to your authorised representative.

Note: If any information provided is misleading or false, such as product information or assurance that the technical file exists, the representation will be invalid.