Before selling a product on the EU market, it is extremely important to ensure that its packaging is marked correctly. The packaging must provide information enabling market authorities to identify all economic operators involved in the product's supply chain.


To begin with, the manufacturer's identifying details must always be visible on the product's packaging, regardless of where the product is sold. However, the requirement for providing contact details of the importer is a bit more complex.

When importing a product into the European Union, the importer of the product must also put their name, registered trademark and address at which they can be contacted on the product's packaging. Note that the requirement to give the importer's address does not necessarily mean the address where the importer is actually established. It can be any address at which the importer can be contacted. E.g., the address of the customer service. Furthermore, the information should also be indicated on the shipping parcel or in the shipping paperwork. This is required so that the customs officers can quickly identify the responsible person for a shipment of goods.

Additionally, if the manufacturer has an authorised representative on the EU's territory, the contact details of the authorised representative must be provided on the product's packaging alongside the manufacturer's identifying details.