Importers are required to perform the following tasks before importing and placing their products on the EU market:

  • Ensure that the CE marked product is indeed compliant with all the requirements of the relevant directives before placing it on the market;
  • Provide their name, trademark and address on the product, its packaging or in the instructions for use;
  • Ensure that the instructions for use are in the language of the end-user;
  • Ensure proper storage and transport of the product; 
  • Keep records of any customer complaints, product issues etc. and act on them appropriately;
  • Keep a copy of the Declaration of Conformity (DoC) for at least ten years after the date on which the last product was sold;
  • If necessary, recall any faulty products
  • Cooperate with the market surveillance authorities by providing them with any information they request to verify the product's compliance status.