To sell a construction product in the EU, you need to label the products with the following information: 

  • CE marking symbol
  • Name and registered address of the manufacturer 
  • Last two digits of the year in which CE was first affixed 
  • Reference number of the Declaration of Performance
  • Reference to the harmonised technical specification
  • Identification number of the Notified Body
  • Intended use
  • Level or class of the performance declared
  • Website hosting the Declaration of Performance

labelling of construction products

Information regarding the elements listed above can be found in the Declaration of Performance.

If it is not possible to affix the CE marking symbol to your product in a visible, legible and indelible way, the symbol and the rest of the labelling information must be displayed on the packaging and/or in any complementary documentation. For instance, bulk aggregates are usually CE-marked in the accompanying documents, while mortars and cements sold in bags have the labelling information printed on the bag.

In Addition, you must also draw up instructions and safety information needed for the use of your product.