Besides affixing the CE marking symbol to the product's surface or its data plate, the following information must be provided on the label of all types of pressure equipment:

  • contact details of the manufacturer (name, registered trademark and address)
  • where applicable, the contact information of the importer
  • where applicable, the identification number of the notified body that assessed the product
  • the year of manufacture
  • identification of the product according to its nature (e.g. type, series or batch)
  • a unique serial number
  • maximum/minimum allowable limits.

In Addition, depending on the type of pressure equipment, the following information is required for safe installation, operation, use, maintenance and/or periodic inspection:

  • the volume V of the product in L
  • the test pressure PT applied in bar and date
  • the nominal size for piping DN
  • safety device set pressure in bar
  • supply voltage in V (volts)
  • output in kW
  • intended use
  • filling ratio kg/L
  • tare mass in kg
  • maximum filling mass in kg
  • the fluid group.

Detailed information on the labelling of pressure equipment can be found in point 3.3. of Annex I