We offer two standard plans: monthly and yearly, with up to 50 products. 

Have over 50 products? Contact us at contact@cleverrepresentative.eu

The latest pricing can be found at our website: https://cleverrepresentative.eu/pricing

Key differences between the plans, apart from their duration, is the price of compliance assistance and authority assistance.

You can read more about what payment methods we offer. 

What is authority assistance?

Authority assistance is when we act on your behalf with market surveillance authorities, for example providing them with your Declaration of Conformity or reviewing the compliance of your product. This is charged in batches of five hours and any unused time will be refunded when the issue is completed.

What is compliance assistance?

Compliance assistance is support for working with the compliance of a product. This can be help with creating or review a Declaration of Conformity, creating or reviewing a technical file, or even certifying a product completely.